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Nevroon the Hollow God
- An ancient and hungry diety worshipped by cultists in the undercity.
Hollow eyes see no horrors
Hollow hearts feel no pain
Hollow souls suffer no turmoil

The temple at the Black lake was destroyed by Kroll and associates.



Brightest jewel of the age, the great city of Jakara is said to be located at the centre of the world.

The Rookery

A slum district formerly inhabited by Val, it was nearly burnt down in a fire created by an escaped (or deliberately released?) pyrolisk, a tragedy only avoided by the actions of Val, Kroll and Derwen.

As thanks, Rook-King Hazar requested that the heroes fetch him a unicorn horn. Not feeling that they had much choice in the matter they agreed but cooked up a plan to fake one using a white dragon horn instead.

The Blue Toad
A pub and lodging house in the Rookery, formerly home to Val.


A formerly rich area of Jakara, Silverside has been slowly sinking into the lake, its buildings now connected by bridges or reached via boats. The original owners have long retreated to the uppercity, and the entire district has been taken over by the mercenary companies of Jakara. Each company decorates their section of Silverside with banners and murals painted on the buildings.

Dezra’s Fangs

Mercenary company under the command of Dezra Silversword, responsible for destroying Kroll’s village and kidnapping his son. Their leader has met Kroll but was left baffled by the encounter as Kroll simply glared and stated facts.

Their banner is a silver dagger and serpent on a field of red.

The undercity

Below the bright spires and palaces of Jakara is the undercity; close to the surface the slums in which dwell the underclasses, deeper still the ruins of cities past.

The black lake and the ancient temple

Surrounded by squat stone buildings, the black lake is home to bioluminescent and hungry shark-type creatures, and algae which fluoresce when the water is disturbed. About 500 metres from the shore, reached via a partially submerged causway is a small rocky island on which is perched a squat, ugly temple, currently being used by a cult of Nevroon, the hollow god.

The old road

A road leading north out of Jakara. The first couple of days are spent travelling through the farmland that supports the city, then the settlements become sparse and the road falls into disrepair. A week away from the city, the traveller will find the fort of Azraen’s Folly.

Azraen’s Folly

Overlord Azraen had a marvellous idea. He would protect Jakara and all her lands for eternity by building a great wall around them and fortifying them with fortresses manned by the undead. One fort and a small bit of wall were constructed in the north before Azraen’s rule was brought to an end.

The ruined fort still stands and is guarded by the dead. Their long presence there has weakened the walls between the world of the living and the Underworld, a feature that attracts the occaisional necromancer to the fort.

The Underworld

Not a place in the true sense of the word, the Underworld is were the dead go. It is the domain of the Raven Queen a self-proclaimed goddess of death. She isn’t malevolent as such, but is loathe to let any of her subjects or visitors leave her realm.

Portals to the underworld can be opened in places where the undead roam, by sacrifice and finally natural portals exist in hidden corners of the world. One such portal was opened by an un-named Necromancer in Azraen’s folly.

Great treasures and secrets and known to be hidden in the Underworld, and bargaining with the Raven Queen has sometimes allowed the dead to return to the world of the living.

Rayhaven on the shores of Elvesden Lake

On the shores of the Elvesden Lake sits Rayhaven, the city is a commercial crossroads between the great city of Jakara and the distant lands beyond the horizon. The population of the city is listed as approximately 7,542 and is primarily human, although other races do stay within the city temporarily while on route to Jakara.

Despite its size, the inhabitants of Rayhaven are described as largely benevolent and ethically good-natured people. The city is ruled by a council of twelve whose membership is made up of the most power merchants in the area.

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