Character Creation


  • No Halflings or Gnomes


The human civilisations are young; none dare claim the title of empire and even kingdoms are few and far between. Great city-states are the order of the day – some bright and shining jewels standing proud against the night, others built on the ruins and secrets of the past.


Once, when humanity was still hiding from storms in caves, the world belonged to the elves. Now they hide in their forest fortresses dreaming of past glories.

Your average elf spends their entire lives totally out of their gourd; adventurer elves are ones who decided to see what the actual world had to offer.

Half-elves are rare, and usually abandoned with their human parent if the elf was the mother.

  • No drow; if there are underground elves, I want to use different ones


Deep under the earth, the dwarves spend their days worshipping and studying the heart of the world, and mining for gold and secrets. Few seek the worlds above, and most of those can never return to the depths.

Tieflings (Noble tieflings)

The last of the great empires, the lords of Bael Turath made pacts with ancient and malevolent powers; their descendants have little of their power, no homeland and are little loved by the rest of humanity.


The last of the eldest races to still walk the world, the ancestors of the dragonkin are either long dead, or degenerate, near mindless beasts.

Half-orcs (mongrel Tieflings)

Whilst the tieflings are descended from the noble houses of Bael Turath, the power that granted them power was found in all strata of society;



Do you worship a god? What does it demand of you? What does it claim as its domain?


The wilds and ancient and hostile; do you revere or fear them? Is your power given or stolen?


No holy order backs you up; yours is a lonely and almost certainly unpopular crusade


Who taught you? Are they still alive? Why do they resent you? Or did you discover the secrets of power yourself, and what did the knowledge cost you?

Character Creation

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