Faith GoodLeaf

Wandering Apothecary and Herbalist Druid


After an passionate encounter with Kroll the Barbarian in Jakara, Faith GoodLeaf turn down the offer of joining Kroll in his quest to kill a white dragon,

Once Kroll left for his adventure, Faith had a change of heart and realized he was the one and set out on the same road as Kroll a couple of days behind him,

When she caught up with Kroll and his group she kept in the shadows and hid in the bushses near the fortress, After watching Kroll and his group enter the fortress keep, she was knocked unconscious from behind……..


Born in the human town of Rayhaven on the shores of Elvesden Lake into the middle class family, In her early life, she was a victim of being bullied as she was the only half-elf in her town. They would beat her and torment her when they could, using her for their sport.

Her mother was a Apothecary and Herbalist who met a wandering elf that resulted in her birth out of wedlock. She knows one of her parents (mother) but the other remains unknown or a distant presence at best.

For a time, she lived in an urban environment. But you soon discovered that social communities, bureaucracies, and laws made her feel constrained and unnatural. She left civilization and retreated into the wild at the first opportunity. But still retain the lessons, habits, and refinements of civilized behavior, but her heart belongs to nature and Kroll the Barbarian.

Faith GoodLeaf

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